Cool Apartment Stuff For Guys

Quick show of hands: how many guys out there have a buddy or two with an apartment that’s more disaster than dream?

How many of you might happen to be “that guy”?

Yeah, we thought so.

Don’t worry, friends!

The truth is, it really doesn’t take much effort to dress up your personal space, flipping disorganized clutter to a personal oasis, a space that buddies and even girlfriends or mothers might be impressed with.


cool apartment stuff for guys

But where to start? With no shortage of books, web shows, decor gurus and magazines out there, it can be tough to decide which one will work best for you.

While each authority preaches similar virtues of a clean, organized space with essential cool apartment stuff, everybody puts their own twist on the basics.

Time is short, we know - and there’s a lot you’d rather spend your time doing than digging into all this stuff.

So, we’ve put together a quick guide for the young guy in a hurry, the hopeless slob, and the aspiring neat-freak alike.

All it takes is the accumulation of just a few low-cost essentials, and an understanding of their role in a great space.

Let’s get started with some cool apartment stuff for guys!


desk lamp


Desk Lamp

Light up your life with an attractive desk lamp. Pick one that reflects your sense of style - and one that gives just the right glow.

A desk lamp not only looks great, it conveys a sense of organization and purpose to your workspace, whether you’re a telecommuter or just have a corner to keep bills and other paperwork organized.

Keep an open mind - sometimes a well-placed floor lamp can look just as sharp.


wall decor


Wall Art

How great thou art! Guest will be singing the praises of an attractive room when there are great things to look at.

Framed posters and reproductions of well-known works are quick go-to's (just make sure they’re displayed in clean, simple frames).

Support local artists by picking up some of their handiwork, which can often be more affordable than you might think.

Be sure to keep the subject and colors in mind, so that the visual pop will align with the rest of your space.

Select visuals that reflect your personality and aspirations. 

Something that should not be overlooked when decorating is cool wall art for bachelor pads.


scented candles


Scented Candles

Wait a second, are we serious? For guys? You bet!

Decorative candles offer a one-two punch for young dudes struggling to organize their space: they’re visually appealing, and scented candles add an aroma to your apartment’s aura, one that’s probably (guessing here) a step up from what it might smell like while you’re reading this.

Candles add a calming vibe to just about any space, and best of all, you can pick them up without dinging your wallet too badly.


table plant


Table Plant

Speaking of the air around your place, pick up a couple of small plants, too. You know they help filter indoor air, right?

Plants can be procured pretty easily, and there are hundreds of types out there that you - yes, you! - can enjoy with super-low maintenance.

Take note, those with pets: many common houseplants can be harmful to cats and dogs, so choose wisely.





Dude - that rug really ties the room together!

The rumors are true, and you don’t have to break the bank for some style beneath your feet.

Keep it simple with a sharp design that … well, that ties the room together.

Take your pick of cotton, silk, nylon, polyester, and dial in just the right pile - that’s the industry term for fiber density.


mini refridgerator


Mini Fridge

With just enough space for bachelor pad essentials, a dependable mini fridge is all you’ll need for sandwich stuff, leftovers, handy condiments, and a couple of cold beverages.

It won’t take up much space at all, and are available in a variety of designs and sizes.


key tray


Key Tray

You’re not one of those guys who always loses his keys, are you?

Avoid that moment of panic with a simple key tray, so that you’ll always know right where keys (and your wallet) are when you have to leave in a hurry.

Sometimes, it’s the little things - like this. So simple, but so effective. You’ll thank yourself in the long run!





Aside from budget, factors to consider when it comes to curtains are colors and pattern.

If you’re not too confident in your ability to choose the right ones, take a friend along - you’ll get plenty of advice from just about anyone.

Just like displayed artwork, the correct curtains will add a nice warmth and comfort to a room’s stylistic theme.


coat rack


Coat Rack

Regardless of the season or weather, jackets will need a place to hang while their owners do the same in your apartment.

Not only are coat racks insanely affordable, they also reflect your sense of style and complement bigger components of the room.

Piles of coats and outdoor accessories are unsightly and a perfect opportunity for stuff to get lost. Don’t let that happen to you or your guests!


mini bar


Mini Bar

As the saying goes, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

You don’t have to go broke stocking up on the nice stuff, but a selection of some beverage basics will demonstrate your interest to welcome all guests, and help them relax.

Complement with a book or two collecting cocktail recipes, and you’ll be quite the entertainer!

Cool apartments are always at the ready, and bonus points if you can quickly craft unique drinks for non-drinkers.


led wall lighting


LED Lighting

Not too bright, not too dim - LED lighting is a great, cost-effective, hassle-free lighting solution for spaces big and small.

You’ll want to consider the amount of natural light that windows provide, and which spots around your space will benefit best from an LED bulb.