Soft Boy Aesthetic

The soft boy aesthetic is a modern men's fashion style that is embraced by guys that want to show their sensitive side.

The men that go for the "soft boy" look typically take pride in displaying their artistic hobbies through their everyday clothing.

Your average soft boy indulges themselves in things such as art, photography, music, and other avenues of creative outlet.

soft boy aesthetic

One great thing about the soft boy aesthetic is that most can pull off the look quite well while also not hitting their pocketbook too hard.

If you are just now hearing about this trending fashion style or would like to know more about it, then you are in for a treat.

This is our guide on 'How to dress like a soft boy'.


soft boy shoes

The Footwear

Most of your soft boy outfits will require classic style shoes.

The shoes that you choose to wear to add to your aesthetic don't have to be brand new as soft boys generally wear sneakers that have a little bit of a worn look to them.

Shoes that boast at least the slightest amount of wear and tear are often preferred as the small imperfections tell a story of where you have been and how you live.

If you have heard the saying, "I live in my shoes.", you may be familiar with the philosophy soft boys have when it comes to the shoes they wear.

Some common brands to consider are:

Vans- From Amazon

Converse- From Amazon

Nike Air Forces- From Amazon

Adidas Stan Smith- From Amazon

Nike AirMax- From Amazon

All of these shoes are decently priced and available in stores and online.


 soft boy outfits

Soft Boy Outfits

As mentioned above, soft boy outfits can usually be made upon the cheap side.

One of the best places to acquire soft boy clothing is by hitting up your local thrift shop, but you can often find a better selection and prices online.

Finding clothing to match this style has become easier as this fashion trend gains popularity among young men with an artistic vibe.

The outfit is just a piece of the puzzle if you are wanting to pull off the complete soft boy look.

A few other things to take into account to get the full aesthetic down are the hair cut, eye wear, and other accessories.

You will have a full understanding of what you can do to achieve the soft boy fashion after reading this article.


 soft boy hair styles

The Hairdo

If you have just started your journey visually expressing your soft boy aesthetic but don't know where to begin, a good place is the hair.

Most often than not, the soft boy aesthetic calls for hair that is slightly longer than your typical men's hair cut.

It is not uncommon for a soft boy to trim the sides of his medium length hair, and wearing it in a messy way like the curtain style haircut.

Many men who embrace the soft boy aesthetic will also dye their hair blonde or give it some light coloring.


 soft boy glasses


Although the soft boy look can be pulled off rather easily, it can become more complex when getting into the accessories that are typically worn.

Common eye wear you will see a soft boy in will be round style glasses, generally with a vintage touch to them.

Jewelry like large Cuban link chains, hoop earrings, and larger rings worn on the fingers can be seen on many that keep up with the trend.

When it comes to jewelry, the idea is to keep it at somewhat of a minimum while making sure that you don't give off an overwhelming gaudy look.


soft boy pants

The Pants

The type of pants you wear is one of the things that will really pull your aesthetic together.

Luckily the common pants of choice are jeans which can be found fairly cheap if you don't already have some in your closet.

Some soft boys prefer more baggie style jeans, while others tend to wear old school Levi Jeans.

A trend that you might've seen is rolling up the cuffs of your jeans to give them somewhat of a "high-water" look.

Rolled up or not, jeans are the way to go if you want to pull your soft boy outfit together.


 soft boy clothes

The Tops 

There is almost no end when it comes to tops worn by men with a soft boy aesthetic.

Something that you will notice regarding tops is that soft boys lean more towards a loose-fitting, over-sized, vintage, and unique.

You will commonly see striped shirts, long sleeves, vintage windbreakers, bowling shirts, and denim jackets in a soft boy circle.