Tapestry For Guys

There is one question that all guys ask themselves when they embark on the mission to decorate their room to have a cool style that is still on the manly side. If you have ever asked yourself, "What do I hang on these walls?", you are not alone. 

Of course, there are various ways that you can approach this question, with many different outcomes of how your living quarters will feel to yourself and visitors you have over.

One simple way to add some life to your walls is to simply throw a cool looking tapestry on the wall. Tapestries have been around since ancient times when the Romans and Greeks would hang them on the walls of buildings and temples.

You may be thinking that a tapestry is not a super masculine piece to string across the walls of your room. This is probably because you have not seen a tapestry for guys, as most of them and the artwork they contain cater to females.

We are here to let you know that this is no longer the case! With the modern form of wall tapestries gaining popularity, there are now several options of tapestries for guys to choose from.

tapestry for guys

Mens' Tapestry

In recent years you have probably seen men's rooms decorated with posters of favorite bands, cool cars, and hot chicks. Don't get us wrong, all of these things are a great way to add personality to a guy's room. The only problem is, simple posters with semi-cool graphics may not be your ideal choice of wall decoration. If you find yourself thinking that your current wall decor does not reflect who you are or doesn't make your room stand out, then a men's tapestry is something that you should consider to add that needed spark.

Here are a few things that things to take into account when choosing a men's tapestry so that you don't kill the current vibe your pad gives off.

  • Color- It is no secret that there are masculine colors and feminine colors. If you are looking for a men's tapestry, make sure that the color palette helps give off a manly vibe.
  • Graphics- You can get tapestries with almost any graphic you can think of. You are bound to find a men's tapestry that can portray your personality in a fun vibrant way.
  • Patterns- The patterns that are displayed on tapestries are not just interesting to look at. Cool patterns can help add a certain look, feel, and even reflect different cultures in your room.

Cool Tapestries For Guys

The idea of cool wall decor can vary quite a bit depending on who you ask. Some guys prefer quotes they like, brands that they prefer, their favorite album cover, symbolism of groups they support, and the list can go on for ever. We encourage you to choose a tapestry that does not only complement the flow of your room, but also shows others what you think is cool.

Don't let this stop you from thinking outside the box on your quest to find the ultimate decor for you and your room. Cool tapestries for guys can come in all types of forms, giving you endless options to choose from.

Some of you may be looking for cool tapestries for guy friend's of yours. If this is you, we recommend that you make a small mental note of what your friend's room is already portraying next time you visit them. Once you have a good idea of what they like, you will easily be able to find all types of cool tapestries for guys that they are sure to love.

Now that you have a good idea of what you can choose from for your self or your friends, you are one step closer to finding the right guys wall tapestry. If you are still unsure of what a cool guys tapestry looks like or if a tapestry belongs in a man's room, we encourage you to continue reading.

cool tapestries for guys

Manly Tapestry

Tapestries are common among men that consider themselves to be artistic, or have an appreciation for art. But is a tapestry manly enough for a guy that considers himself a "man's man"?

In previous years, we would probably answer that question with a simple no. As we mentioned before, the landscape of wall decor for men has changed drastically and still continues to do so. Not all men are ready to adopt change and still want posters on their wall showing off all the manly things they love. Keep in mind, these days there is wall art for everyone these days!

Now you can find manly tapestries that incorporate all things that a "Man's man" will love. Several stores online now offer tapestries that incorporate fast cars, bad ass guns, and even half naked chicks. Now days, there is no shortage of manly tapestries to choose from.

Gifting a Wall Tapestry For Guys

If you have read up to this point and you are not a guy, we commend you. We also realize that you might be looking for something that a guy might like as a gift. If his walls are bare and could use a little flare, then this could be a great gift for him.

When picking out wall tapestries for guys of course you want them to like it. If you know the guy pretty well this will most likely come easy for you. Just find something that fits the personality of the guy you are buying the tapestry for, or simply get him one that will match the theme of his room.

Male Wall Tapestries in Conclusion

I'm sure we have covered just about everything on tapestries for guys in this one, but there are also several other options when it comes to decorating your walls. You don't need to be an interior designer to know if a tapestry would look good in your current setup, of if you'd even want one.

If you are looking for more elegant types of wall decor, we have got you covered. Check out our cool wall art for bachelor pads page to see everything that you can do with your walls to make your pad more than you ever thought it could be!